My CV can be viewed here.

Representative publications include: 

  • "Felon Disenfranchisement and Democratic Legitimacy," 
        Social Theory and Practice 43 (2017). Forthcoming.
  • “Democracy’s Sovereign Enclosures: Territory and the All-Affected Principle,”
        Constellations 21 (2014): 560-574.   Link.
  • “The Problem of Poverty and the Limits of Freedom in Hegel's Theory of the Ethical State,” 
        Political Theory 41 (2013): 257-284.  Link.

Representative presentations include: 

  • "Felon Disenfranchisement and Democratic Legitimacy"
        American Philosophical Association Eastern Meeting, Main Program, January 2017
        International Social Philosophy Conference, Carleton U., July 2016
  • "Democracy, Community, and the 'Criminal Alien'"
        Association for Political Theory, U. Wisconsin-Madison, October 2014 
  • “A Critique of the All-Affected Principle of Democratic Inclusion” 
        American Philosophical Association Central Meeting, Main Program, February 2013
  • “Territory, Authority, and the People: Rethinking Modern Sovereignty Today”
        American Philosophical Association Pacific Meeting, Main Program, April 2010