I am currently a Lecturing Fellow at the Thompson Writing Program at Duke University, where I design and teach first-year writing seminars such as "'We the People' and the Boundaries of Democracy" and "Land of the Free: Liberty, Justice, and Imprisonment in the United States." These courses combine political philosophy, social science, and academic writing to teach students to critically examine real-world matters of morality and justice. 

Previously, I served as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Warren Wilson College, and I held the joint position of Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Undergraduate Academic Adviser at Vanderbilt University.   

The courses I have taught include: 

  • Political Philosophy
  • Modern Philosophy
  • Critical Theory
  • Rethinking Democracy
  • Philosophy of Technology
  • Introduction to Philosophy

This teaching statement gives a sense of my pedagogical aims and techniques. This article illustrates how I have grappled with difficulties inherent in teaching about controversial ethical and political issues.  

My teaching has benefitted from valuable mentoring, classroom observation, and workshops. I am an active participant in the American Association of Philosophy Teachers, and have facilitated pedagogy workshops at several schools and national conferences. 

A syllabus for my Spring 2016 course can be found here.